Often my digital friends shoot me a message or comment asking what apps I use for my photos and each time my nerdy insides squeal with excitement! #Célfie is about one of my favorite things from today’s smartphone fixated world, Photo Apps! For me it’s more than just a photo, but a form of creative expression.  I am currently digging through my treasure of over 20 photo apps to share with you my top 5 faves! You can thank me later!



 I’d like to start with my number one go-to app, Afterlight. This app is for those who are in need of just the most basic and efficient tools. I’ve been using this for a few years now and it never lets me down! User friendly and gets the job done. From basic brightness adjustments, to rotating, cropping and creating that white background space that allows us ladies to post those lovely full body shots that we work so hard to get the right angle for. While Afterlight does offer those absolutely necessary tools, I will tell you what makes it one of my favorites. I am a total sucker for anything vintage/retro. What this app brilliantly features is an instant film camera frame that will give you that old school vibe we all love. Amazing, I know! I will also save you some time by confessing that I’ve tried almost every other app on iTunes that includes a similar feature and only Afterlight offers the most realistic version of this awesomeness along with over 120 other frames to choose from.


A Color Story



Now, If what you’re in search of is an app that offers a wide range of textures, lighting and filters, because lets be real… we need those filters! I got two for you! A Color Story and Filterloop are at the top of my list for their carefully crafted effects. Whether you’re an aspiring/pro photographer or just a selfie queen like myself you will find that both offer precise and  film inspired filters and textures that allow you to deliver those crispy fun photos. When I want to add a little bit of “pop” to my feed I always lean towards A Color Story. Within the app you will find fun filter categories such as “Blush”, “Good Vibes” and “Airy” that will easily set your selfie mood, #slay. If authentic film like photos are your thing, I highly recommend Filterloop. This app offers one of the best collections of analog film effects and filters, especially for all those hazy & moody photos we all like to post in the fall or on a dreadful Monday morning.





My fellow bloggers, graphic designers and social media gurus, this one’s for you. The simplicity of WordSwag‘s layout drew me in instantly. With over 40 modern fonts and what seems like unlimited backgrounds, there’s no mystery to why this is my favorite font app out there. WordSwag is the first app I’ve stumbled upon that offers more than the usual, basic fonts that most generic apps carry. It allows you to be in full control and the options seem unlimited. Within the app you are able to add filters and automatically crop your image or background of choice to match your posting needs, whether it’s for your Facebook cover photo, your Instagram business page, an e-invite, a birthday shout out post or just your daily inspirational quotes. One of WordSwag’s best features is that you’re also able to add your own logo to your creations! (I recommend saving your logos as a PNG file with a transparent background for best results) An exceptionally convenient tool for many of us.



Yes, of course I saved the very best for last! *drum roll* This app has made it through to several iPhone’s later and I’m excited to share it with you.  The award winning app is the ultimate tool for adding the most personality to all of your edits, #extra. Rhonna offers everything in one single app. I recommend this app to all of my friends who enjoy getting creative and expressive, because who doesn’t want to be original? With its built-in phrases feature it is perfect for those mommies to be’s who want to share their magical journeys with us or for those who want to share their most eventful moments in life in the cutest ways possible. The app is designed with creativity in mind and the possibilities are never ending with its ability to add multiple layers, multiple text, filters, metallic and glitter textures and the cutest frames and backgrounds you’ll ever find! Rhonna is practically a little studio in the palm of your hand and possibly the only app you’ll ever really need!

Now that you got all the right tools at your finger tips, literally…I’d love to see what you can do, so be sure to tag me in your future posts!

Is video making more your thing? Shoot me a comment if you would like a review of all my favorite video apps. All feedback is apprectiated! 


Update: I’ve had several people ask if these apps are available on Android devices. Yes, I confirmed that they are. Enjoy! 

Afterlight, A Color Story, Filterloop, WordSwag, Rhonna


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